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our little story

How we started...

Now that you are a parent, you will be familiar with our story – life before babies, we travelled the world with little planning or notice. Travel was so easy back then – a light weekend bag packed, you could rock up practically anywhere, book a room at short notice and have a lovely restful time.

We are all busy people to begin with, add kids to the equation and time becomes even more precious. Our thinking is that planning a holiday with your kids should not take up more time than the actual holiday itself. The reality is that we often end up scouring the web for hours before we find the perfect child friendly place to stay. 

No paradise in Paris...

After our first little one arrived, we decided to go on our first holiday away in Paris when baby was three months old. Although we were only going for a week, we packed as if we were moving house. Everything from nappies to the steriliser came with us.

That didn’t kill us. What killed us was finding a place to that was suitable to stay. We surfed the Internet for weeks before booking and thought we chose carefully to meet all our needs (including baby's).

The apartment we stayed at was ironically called Tasteful Luxury despite the fact that there was nothing tasteful nor luxurious about it, contrary to its rather deceptive website. What was outrageous was that even though we told the owners that we had a baby with pram and enough luggage to fill a small island, and had quizzed them about the lift facilities (which they assured us existed and functioned well, big enough to accommodate a pram), they failed to mention the three flight of stairs we had to navigate to get the lift. Once through the apartment door, there was another flight of stairs to scale before entering the apartment. We almost wept. Our week stay turned into an acrobatic feat of pram carrying before and after a day’s sightseeing. And there was hardly any hot water in the bathroom. It is a shame (or actually good fortune) that the website for the Tasteful Luxury apartment no longer exists as it would certainly be featured as a “don’t go”. After a few days, we lost the will to leave the Neither Tasteful Nor Luxurious apartment, because it took more effort to heave in and out with the pram, baby and nappy bag than it was worth the croissant and café au lait we were craving.

If only we knew. If only there was somewhere we could have checked before we went, we lamented. The idea for this website was planted.

Here at mylittleholiday, we hope to help every parent who wishes to continue to travel with their kids. We ourselves hope to gain from the insight of other parents. The only way this will work is for parents to continue sharing their stories – honest and truthfully. Please spread the word!

Many thanks and may all your little holiday dreams come true!