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At first glance, all the hilly terrain and cliffs really scream “don’t come with a toddler!”. However, Taormina, nestled on the side of a hill overlooking the glistening Mediterranean sea with Mount Etna as a backdrop is a brilliant place to visit with kids.

First of all you are in Italy, which means finding food that your kids will eat is easy – more on that later on.

Second of all, you are in Italy, which means the locals will totally love your kids, even when your little ones have spread tomato sauce over every inch of their white linen tablecloth. It’s true. They can do no wrong and you will enjoy your holiday as a happy and relaxed parent. (Except for the Sicilian curses heaped behind your back as you leave – but never mind, what you don’t know won’t hurt you).

The beauty of Taormina is that you can have the best of both worlds – a city break with shopping, churches and ruins to visit, with the beach never more than 20 minutes away. Did we say beach? We meant a selection of delightful beaches.

For those seeking a bit of winter sun, it was 23-26 degrees Centigrade at the end of March (for the week that we were there). A few brave souls swam in the sea, but it is just a little too cold for that. Locals advised us that it would be a few more weeks before the sea was warm enough.

We thought Taormina was a great place to go with kids without succumbing to an obviously kid-centric package holiday resort. Those can provide a seemingly hassle free holiday, but for those who are looking for something a little different with more than just pool-beach-resort holiday, this is a fabulous place to go without getting too far or too exotic.

Moreover, it’s only a 50 minute transfer by car from Catania airport to the centre of Taormina, which is very doable with kids.

Hotel Villa Carlotta

Hotel Villa Carlotta Taormina Via Pirandello, 81 Taormina, Sicily ITALY


Tel: +39 0942 626058

Residence Schuler, Apartment C

Via Otto Geleng, 34 - 98039 Taormina, Italy


Tel: +39 0942.24736

self catering Rated by: 1 family

Average child friendly rating: happy happy happy happy happy

Average price: £100 - £200 per night

Spacious 3 bedroom apartment, perched on the hillside by a 10 minute walk into Taormina centre. No car needed unless you want to explore the surrounding villages. There's a supermarket and bakery within a short walk. Cot was provided at an extra charge of €... More about Residence Schuler, Apartment C

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