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coworth kids

There is a seriously good spa at this splendid Dorchester-in-the-country retreat. Lovely parkland for walks, horse riding and other distractions, and they claim they welcome kids. When my little holiday visited sans enfants, we did see a few families with kids ranging from babe in arms to pre teens, all looked fairly happy... Wonder what their true experience was.... In any event Coworth Park are currently offering two interconnecting rooms for the price of one (£495 per night for interconnecting stable rooms). Check them out at www.coworthpark.com

Has anyone been to Celtic Manor with kids? Their website boasts spacious family rooms and lots of entertainment with kids, but we would love to hear of someone's real experience at this luxury Welsh resort. Please do post! www.celtic-manor.com.


Celtic Manor

If all public swimming pools were like this, we'd go swimming everyday! We chanced upon this fabulous family friendly pool about a 10 minute walk from the centre of Montpellier. How amazing. It cost €12.60 for a family of 4 to get in, and we had hours of fun there. The family pools are upstairs from the Olympic size lanes downstairs. Upstairs, there is a baby pool, a larger sloped pool for learners, and a main pool for more confident swimmers. There is also a magical slide which provided hours of entertainment. Did we mention the 2 jacuzzi pools on the side? There is also an area to the side for picnics, and toilet conveniently located right beside the pool for any emergency runs with the kids. Perfect. Bliss. Go if you are in the area. ps bring your own swim caps.

111011 blakeney hotel

Check out the Blakeney Hotel, based in Blakeney Holt, Norfolk www.blakeney-hotel.co.uk. Child friendly paradise or stuffy hotel where kids should be seen but not heard? The website sounds promising, dedicating a whole page about how children are welcome,  will be served tea at an earlier time,  get to stay free in the same room as parents during the school holidays,  not to mention the plethora of Fun stuff they can do there.  Question is: too good to be true or all smoke and mirrors? You tell us - we want Your story if you have stayed there with kids! Please share your story!

Moroccan Dreams

We’re dreaming of a Moroccan escape. Warm sun, camels, friendly locals, exotic food. Warm sun. We’re dreaming sweet Moroccan mint tea, lazy days by the pool, buzzy days in the medina, snake charmers, hammans. Warm sun. Happy little barefooted children. We’re dreaming of Villas Fawakay at the foot of the Atlas mountains in Marrakech. We’re dreaming that it’s child friendly… has anyone been and can someone please let us know what it’s like to bring kids there?


Welcome to my little random thoughts! We thought that this was a good way to share any good pieces of information we've discovered along the way whilst researching a destination or place to stay with kids.

Going on holiday with kids takes a lot of research! And that research takes a lot of surfing time! It's a waste not to share the info that we come across - even if we don't use it ourselves, it may be useful to a grown-up with kids out there!

We welcome your little random thoughts and comments as well - please do post so that this important information about going on holiday with kids gets shared and recorded somewhere!

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