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Raise your hands anyone who is sick of seeing the same old tired kids menu in restaurants (fish fingers, baked beans, chicken nuggets, pizza etc.). What happened to good old fashioned Real food for kids? We continue to be amazed that some fine restaurants who cater gorgeous wholesome food to adults are perfectly happy to serve the usual pre-frozen nugget type meals to kids. At mylittleholiday we think child-friendly does not mean providing a high chair and unhealthy easy option meals. We want to celebrate the truly child-friendly restaurants – the ones who take the trouble to prepare their kids meals from fresh and welcome children with a genuine smile, not a frozen smile with the rolling-of-eyes-behind-your-back.

We’ve list some gems that we have come across in our journeys below.

Please do send in any great little eats you have come across. A photo of your kid's meal will be a bonus! You'll need to log in first.